What’s Behind The Bridport Barn?


We've been posting video and images of the Bridport barn since it started 2 1/2 weeks ago, and today is the final day for the wrap-up of the complete exterior. Folks who are familiar with our company know that we don't typically take on the field construction, but we did in this case! Here's the inside information on how that all came about.

The client is an old friend of mine, in fact we met each other in the first grade in Smithfield, Rhode Island. After eight years of grammar school together and one year shared at LaSalle Academy, we went our separate ways to pursue different paths. John went on to work in the engineering department at Ford Motor Company, and I went on...well you know that part because you're reading this!

Our paths crossed again about five years ago when John decided he would like to retire in Vermont. He bought property in Vermont and asked me to help him design a farmstead that looked like old Vermont, and so the barn is the first building in that effort, but a beautiful Vermont inspired farmhouse is also in the works and we will soon be featuring that build as well.

So why is our company out in the field (literally) building the barn that was crafted in our shop in Middlebury, just eight miles away? The first reason is because from time to time, we like to have our shop crew get out on the jobsite to put together the work they created in the shop. Second, John asked me if he could have the talented guys in our shop come out and put the barn together for him. I told him that it is company policy that anyone who attended first grade with me automatically gets our crew to build their house or barn! I'm waiting for the calls from others who were in first grade at St' Peter School with me and John!

Mike Connor

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